Pint of Science 2018

Science impacts all of us, whether that is the medication that you take on a daily basis, your views on genetic testing or the ongoing research that might one day help you if you are diagnosed with a medical condition. Science is important for all of us, but how do we scientists ensure that we get out and tell the general public about the important scientific research that we are doing? Well, by visiting the pub… that’s how.

I have attended my fair share of talks in university buildings which can be off putting for the general public. There are a number of inherent barriers in hosting events for the general public in academic institutions, so as a lover of wine (and for that matter lots of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks), when I was invited to give a science talk in a pub, I knew that this event would be right up my street!


Speaking as part of the Beautiful Mind series, I shared the Pint of Science stage with my friend and colleague Dr Emma Lane. Emma and I have been known to make appearances as a team as Emma’s research focuses on Parkinson’s disease whereas my research focuses on another neurodegenerative disorder Huntington’s disease (and in case you are wondering, you don’t necessarily have to be called Emma to do research on neurodegenerative diseases!).

The audience asked some great questions about our research and holding the event in such a relaxed and informal environment promoted discussion about some of the challenging ethical topics involved in neurodegenerative disease research.

Pint of Science was undoubtedly a great success and events on all areas of science take place across the country. Although the event doesn’t officially return until May next year they currently have an astronaut event touring the UK.

If you want to go to Pint of Science next year, volunteers to help or become a speaker, check out the Pint of Science website for more information.

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