Science Communication

I love all things science communication, whether that is talking to school children about their brains or getting octogenarians to think about the genes that make them who they are. I believe that as scientists, we have a responsibility to engage the public in the research that we are doing, as it is often funded by charities and through the government. I am a committed and passionate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador.

I am currently working on my first solo book proposal and I am represented by Charlotte Seymour as my literary agent.

You can follow me on Twitter@EmmaYhnell or connect on LinkedIn.

You can find blog posts about some of my previous science communication and public engagement activities which have included:

– Talking live to Lynn Bowles on BBC Radio Wales (1 hour 12 minutes in) about all things science.

– My comedy debut for Science Showoff in Never Explain – Rise of the Resistance

I’m A Scientist Get Me out of Here!

Going Live with the Global Science Show

– Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants, A Beginners Guide To the Brain

Cheltenham Science Festival

– FameLab Welsh National Final

– British Science Festival Charles Darwin Award Lecture

Hay Festival

Soapbox Science

Pint of Science

PUBlic University


Cardiff University’s Brain Games

– Public Lectures

If you would like me to speak as part of an science communication, public engagement or outreach event that you are organising, please do get in touch.

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